Saturday, June 14, 2014

Alicious Recipe : LAKSA JOHOR

okay .... aku berangan nak buat bulan puasa nanti... so repost kat sini.. asal ada kat blog lagi satu ... ni just reminder untuk aku buat post laksa johor baru.. since ni post  2008

Was Bragging in face book today, cooking laksa Johor for Breaking Fast... so I'm to rajin today will show you the step by step of it

1. prepare Bawang (onion), Lengkuas (Galangal), Serai (Lemon Grass) and Garlic

2. Put in food processor give em a bit of blitz, and pour into a pan, saute with some oil until brownish ... as the pix below....

3. While doing that boil together Prawn, Ikan Parang and ikan kembung in a pyrex...4. Remove the prawn shell and deboned the fish...
5. Make sure you cover it ... no house fly is allowed to rest in peace there....
6. Up close and personal debone ikan kembung
7. Pureed everything : the fish the Prawn, and dried shrimp (soak before hand)

8. Put in some curry powder, pureed thingy, and coconut milk

9. Give em a good Stir and wallah... the last things you need is Kelapa kerisik, and seasoning

10. after Seasoning and all
11. Prepare the Side's

12. And serve with love
p.s: add tamarind juice or asam keping according to your preference.... and to make it a little bit spicy, 1 table spoon of cili giling (blended dried chili) of ++

in the picture below is spegetti, the laksa johor sauce, sambal belacanthai basil- selasihdaun kesomtauge- bean sprout, timun-cucumber, slice of onion... and the next picture.... eat it with you own style